Page 18 Delayed by One Week

Much apologies, everyone, but Page 18 won’t be ready until next week. We’re working very hard on it and have made excellent headway. But it’s just not there yet. It will be out next Friday for sure though. Apologies for the delay. This is what we get for burning through our buffer though. ‘Tis the price of doing a webcomic when your artist is still in high school.

For those who don’t know, a ‘buffer’ is the safety net of completed pages a typical webcomic has built up in order to give themselves some breathing room and still be able to post content if something comes up in their personal life or if they’re struggling with a particularly tough page. The buffer lets them continue to post new content on schedule.

When we first started, we had a buffer of about two pages, which for us is about a month’s worth of content – a lot of other webcomics have buffers that stretch between two weeks and a month, depending on how often they update (and some have even larger buffers!). However, we burned through ours remarkably quickly by the time Brian took June off to visit family in Missouri. He’s back and working on new content again, but we’re basically just posting new content as it’s created at this point. It’s not the ideal position for a webcomic to be in, but it’s what we can do at the moment.

Regardless, we’re very passionate about and dedicated to Aeolian Hope. We are sorry for the delay and hope that you’ll find it’s worth it next Friday. =)


– Aubrey


Page 17 Is Here!

We’re halfway the-re! Wo-OAH, we’ll make it I swe-ar! Wo-OAH we’re halfway the-re!!

Yes! After first starting this project a little over a year ago now, and beginning to publicly publish content last March, we’ve hit the half-way point for Issue 1: Winter Contingency!! This is REALLY exciting for us! Thank you to everyone who’s been reading so far. We hope you’ve been enjoying it and we’re very excited to bring you even more and ever greater original Halo storytelling over the coming months!

Halfway there!! =D


Don’t Forget:


– Aubrey

Issue 1, Page 17


OPORD – July 2015 Update

Welcome to the latest OPORD, just in time to technically have been made in July! There’s a few bits of Aeolian News for you this time around, so let’s just get straight to it.

We’re Back!

After our June hiatus, Aeolian Hope is back and posting new content again! Page 16 went up last week, and Brian’s hard at work on Page 17 as we speak. I have the storyboarding done up through page 19, so we’re definitely back into the full swing of things. We’re hoping to have Page 17 up by next Friday, and we’re VERY excited for it. Once it’s posted we’ll be at the official half-way point for Issue 1, a  great milestone for us.

We’re In ur Internet

Aeolian Hope has recently teamed up with the Halo Archive (the internet’s greatest Halo fan community), and is posting our story with them as well. We’re up to Page 6 so far in their Community Creations blog section, and you can join the Aeolian discussion on the Archive here.

We’ve also recently joined Twitter, which has been a lot of fun, and have updated our website so you can see our Twitter feed on the left side of the page. Don’t forget to follow us for the most frequent AH updates around!

Finally, voting for the Top Web Comics of July comes to a close today. Voting for August starts tomorrow, so please take a moment to vote for us.

New Characters Page & Preview Art

Normally we post a little snippet of preview art from an upcoming page with the OPORD. There’s one atop this post, but we’ve also hidden a second one. We’re creating new Characters pages as more of them are introduced in the story, and now that we’re just about halfway done there’s enough material to publish the second group of character profiles – the UNSC Personnel. Three of them you’ve met already and the fourth one you’ll meet in Page 17. Head on over if you want to dive deeper into the lore of Aeolian Hope!

That’s about it for July. We’ll see you next month for another OPORD, and next week for Page 17!

– Aubrey



Page 16 Arrives!

Well, Aeolian Hope is officially back in full swing! You all had to wait so long through our hiatus that I just decided to post the new page early this time. Thanks for sticking with us through the hiatus – we are very excited to be posting AH’s story again. There is a lot of great stuff on the horizon for us, as this epic tale is only just getting started! Please enjoy Page 16 – we’ll see you again soon!

Don’t Forget:


– Aubrey

Issue 1, Page 16







Page 16 Comes Out Friday!

Hey, everyone. We’re almost through with the hiatus! Page 16 is just about done and will be coming out this Friday – keep your eyes peeled!

And don’t forget to check out Aeolian Hope on the Halo Archive! You can follow the weekly posts as the story catches up, or join the discussion.

– Aubrey


Legendary Nhsd


Aeolian Hope on the Halo Archive!

AH Banner 02

Hey everyone!

Aeolian Hope has partnered with the awesome Halo blogsite, the Halo Archive, and will be posting our comic there as well. A huge thanks to the Archive team for this opportunity!

The Halo Archive has a ton of really fantastic, diverse content, so you should definitely give them a read. if you like it, consider sticking around and joining their Forums – some of the best out there if you ask me.

On a side note – we’re hard at work on the next page of AH and are currently on track to publish it next Friday as planned. Keep your eyes open!

– Aubrey


Quick Update

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to make a quick update post here in case you haven’t seen it on our other social media sites: Brian is back in town and already working on the art for Page 16. We’re back in gear for Aeolian Hope and you can expect to see the first new page on July 24th.

In the meantime, you can follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook for more frequent status updates.

See you soon!

– Aubrey


OPORD – June 2015 Update

Greetings and welcome to June’s edition of OPORD! We’re cutting it close this month, but we still made it! June has been an interesting month for us here, so let’s take a look at what’s been going on behind the scenes.

Content Hiatus Reminder

First and foremost we’d like to remind everyone that the lack of new story content this month is completely intentional. We are not falling behind or skipping out on update commitments – this was a pre-planned break while our artist visited friends and family in Missouri. He returns this week and we’ll be picking up work on AH ASAP. Every page takes about two weeks to make, so expect the next update in roughly two weeks! I have already storyboarded the next two pages and am working on a buffer of more, so Brian will have everything he needs to get right at it upon his return.

Formatting Bug Fixes

While we don’t have any new content for June, I have taken the breather to go back and finally fix some lingering formatting issues that have been bugging me ever since we started. You may or may not have noticed them yourselves, but hopefully AH is now a smoother reading experience for new and old readers alike. The fixes we made are:

  • Increased the font on Pages 5 & 6. I don’t know why it was smaller than the rest of our material to begin with, but this has been fixed. This should hopefully make you strain your eyes much less when reading those pages.
  • Re-positioned one of Eleni Greco’s speech bubbles at the bottom of Page 4 in order to improve the dialogue flow. It wasn’t intuitively obvious that her lines were supposed to be read between Tarek’s first and second bubbles, so this should help eliminate any confusion.
  • I don’t know if others were having this problem, but unless I was zoomed into the Archive page a bit, it would look like there was a blank space or a missing image in the thumbnail lineups of our pages. This was not only visually unappealing, but it could lead to the mistaken impression that there was a page missing from our archive. I’ve now fixed this and everything lines up properly.

Is there anything we missed? If you’re having any weird formatting issues or just have some complaints, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments or by emailing us, and we’ll do our best to fix them! We hope that this makes the overall AH reading experience much more smooth and enjoyable for everyone.

Social Media Bias

Finally, we’re continuing to expand our social media presence! Aeolian Hope now has a Twitter account that you can follow to get more frequent updates and info on our progress (Don’t forget to Like us on Facebook as well!).

We also just signed up on Comic Rocket. Comic Rocket is a webcomic database like the others we’re on, but it’s got a TON of really cool extra features built in, such as the ability to make yourself a reading list that bookmarks your progress in each comic so that you can pick up where you left off the next time you visit. It’s a fantastic ‘one-stop-shop’ setup, so do yourself a favor and head over to Rocket Comic – start building your own personal webcomic reading library!

Finally, Aeolian Hope is in the process of strengthening its relationship with the Halo Archive – one of the best Halo community sites on the web, hands-down. We’ve been posting Aeolian Hope updates in their forums since before we even published our first content here. Now we’ll be posting our new pages on their blog as an affiliate when they come out. This will help generate more content for the Archive’s already-impressive blog, and will help increase visibility and exposure for our story among the Halo fan community. We’re very excited for this new partnership!

Wrapping Up

Well that’s about it for now! Sorry again for the lack of story content this month, but as you can see we’ve been keeping busy improving Aeolian Hope in a number of different ways. We didn’t have time to get to a Featured Fan Project this month, so The Fallen: A Halo Fan Film will remain in the spotlight until next month’s OPORD. We’ll be back soon with Page 16 and much more, so stay tuned!

– Aubrey


Page 15 is Here!

Hello again, everyone! Well, we made it – Page 15 is now up! Now that we’ve met Fireteam Zephyr and understand the conflict, we’ll be starting to get a look at some of the other characters from the story.

This is our last page before our artist, Brian goes on vacation for the month of June. He’ll be back in July and so will Aeolian Hope!

Thank you again to all our readers! If you haven’t already, please follow us on Facebook and vote for us on the Top Web Comics list.

Issue 1, Page 15