UNSC Army: Fireteam Zephyr

From left to right: PV2 Oumar Kouyate, PV1 Eleni Greco, SPC Milagros Apaza, SGT Tarek Ayman, PFC Hayden Williams, & SPC Derek Li.


UNSC Navy: ODST Fireteam Memnon

From left to right: PFC Mason MacMahon, SPC Blaedis Solsdottir, SPC Chhith Sokhem, SSG Rizvan Bargishev, CPL Esteban Marino, SPC Feng Mehra, & PFC Saadiya Moreau.


UNSC Personnel

From left to right: SRA Kahu Tekura, COL Serdar Kale, SGM Alejandro Guerra, & CAPT Naledi Mbeki.


The Exemplars

The Exemplars, an elite unit made up exclusively of hand-picked sangheili – active during the first half of the Human-Covenant War. From left to right: Skal ‘Vashamee, Var ‘Hesteshai the Paragon, and Drak ‘Vashamee.


The crew of Fervent Expiation

Mastaebeus, jiralhanae war chieftain and commander of the CAS-class assault carrier, Fervent Expiation.

From left to right: Naear, Glaebus, and Archilaus.



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