UNSC Personnel

The various UNSC Personnel featured in Aeolian Hope, unaffiliated with a specific fireteam or squad, nonetheless play critical roles in the defense of Udachi. Some through direct action, and others through the organization of the defense and development of strategy.


Colonel Serdar KaleSERDAR KALE

UNSC Army. 342nd Air Defense Regiment. Rank: Colonel. Role: Commands the 342nd Air Defense Regiment, which is tasked with defense of the orbital defense generator on Udachi, known as The Eagle’s Roost. Gender: Male. Age: 53. Ancestry: Turkish. Main Weapon: M6 Magnum. Secondary Weapon: None. Unofficial Theme Song: Battle Keeper by Paul Ruskay – Homeworld 2 Soundtrack.

Bio: A shrewd tactician and cunning strategist, Serdar Kale grew up on Reach, where he served briefly in the Army before attending university. After his enlistment and schooling were completed he became a primary school civics teacher, married, and had two children. When the Covenant War broke out, Serdar re-enlisted and attended Officer Candidate School, where he gained commissioned status.

Serdar quickly demonstrated a strong tactical mind, able to make the very most of limited resources. He proved particularly effective during the year-long battle of Vigil, where he commanded a mobile field unit comprised primarily of cobra battle tanks that ambushed Covenant forces as they moved between positions or objectives. This field action went a long way towards fouling the Covenant’s ability to respond effectively to threats and opportunities in the region where his unit operated.

After Vigil, Serdar quickly rose through the ranks to become a Colonel, at which point he was given command of the 342nd Air Defense Regiment at The Eagle’s Roost on Udachi. Operating in a remote outpost as he does, with little outside contact and a very full plate managing the 342nd, Serdar has grown somewhat lax regarding his adherence to the more ritualized aspects of military procedure. He can appear slightly unkempt at times (for a Colonel), and his expectations of formal address from those under him has been inconsistent at best.

Most recently the Colonel’s proclivity for maximizing the effectiveness of limited resources has developed into an interest in unconventional warfare, with a mind to improve the potency of his defenses.



UNSC Navy. Carrier Group Troy. UNSC Homer. Rank: Captain. Role: Commands the Epoch-class Heavy Carrier, Homer. This is the flagship for carrier group Troy, thus she commands the carrier group as well. Gender: Female. Age: 40. Ancestry: South African (Xhosa & Sotho). Main Weapon: M6 Magnum. Secondary Weapon: None. Unofficial Theme Song: The Beginning and the End by Paul Ruskay – Homeworld soundtrack.

Bio: Naledi Mbeki is an explorer at heart. She grew up in a family that owned a small interstellar freight company, and traveled with them frequently as a child. Seeing so many different and interesting worlds stoked an appetite for even more, so she joined the Navy at an early age in order to learn how to pilot ships. After completing her term of service she was hired by a private company that scouted unexplored star systems for potentially habitable worlds to establish new colonies on.

When the Covenant War broke out her vessel ended up responding to the distress call of a nearby colony in order to assist in the evacuation of civilians. Seeing a Covenant invasion up-close impacted her deeply. She wanted to discover new worlds, yet these enemies were intent on destroying the ones that already existed.

Determined to do her part to stop it, Naledi re-enlisted with the Navy and quickly rose to the rank of Captain, at which point she was given command of an Epoch-class Heavy Carrier, the Homer. Her small, tactical carrier group (carrier group Troy) served as a rapid-response unit that patrolled the outer colonies, ready to mobilize and respond to Covenant assaults at a moment’s notice. By the time Vigil fell her carrier group had lost seven vessels and been reduced to just the Homer and a Paris-class frigate, the Hesiod. The Navy’s resources had been stretched so thin that the group was never brought back up to strength, and was instead assigned to various odd missions that fell outside of standard UNSC operations.

Most recently this has meant deployment as the preliminary naval defense force at Udachi. Due to the importance of the colony, Captain Mbeki has managed to leverage her deployment and convince FLEETCOM to bring her carrier group back up to full strength. Her seven new ships are currently being constructed in the shipyards on Mars.



UNSC Army. 342nd Air Defense Regiment, 1st Infantry Battalion ‘Whirling Dervishes’. Rank: Sergeant Major. Role: Chief battlefield NCO in the 1st Infantry Battalion. In charge of the front line defense at The Eagle’s Roost. Gender: Male. Age: 54. Ancestry: Cuban and Honduran. Main Weapon: M319 Individual Grenade Launcher. Secondary Weapon: M6 Magnum. Unofficial Theme Song: The Fight Will Be Your Own by Steve Jablonsky – Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon soundtrack.

Bio: Alejandro Guerra has been in active service for over three decades. Before the war he participated in dozens of engagements with Insurrectionist forces. He began to suffer bouts of pronounced depression that only receded upon assignment to a new mission that could occupy his focus.

When the Covenant War broke out he requested transfer to the outer colonies, which were the front lines of the conflict at the time. There he felt he could do the most good in the fighting, and help protect the citizens of the outer colonies who he had been forced to look at as potential enemy combatants for so long. Alejandro still gets periodic episodes of depression, but is much happier fighting a non-human enemy.

During the Covenant War he has fought in seven different engagements across the outer colonies, including one victory where the invading forces were completely destroyed and the majority of its civilians survived and were evacuated. On Vigil, Alejandro received a medal of valor for leading his Company on a successful mission to fight their way into a contested UNSC dry dock and unload a frigate’s complement of Archer missiles into a Covenant heavy corvette holding position nearby. The operation worked and the vessel, which made up the advance force of a larger battle group, was destroyed. This bought the UNSC time to organize their defenses and prepare for the coming battle.

Alejandro has always fought with valor and inspires similar bravery in the soldiers he leads. He has a vengeful streak however which he doesn’t let out much, but has difficulty controlling when he feels others have been wronged unjustly. It has led him to covertly take the law into his own hands on more than one occasion.



UNSC Air Force. Rank: Senior Airman. Role: Pilots a falcon at The Eagle’s Roost. Gender: Female. Age: 23. Ancestry: Maori. Main Weapon: MA37 Assault Rifle. Secondary Weapon: M6 Magnum. Unofficial Theme Song: Haka War Chant by Soundcritters.

Bio: Kahu Tekura is a strangely dichotomous personality – her natural inclination towards friendly openness is in constant conflict with an intense and private reservation due to her wartime experiences.

Born on Earth, Kahu grew up on the South Island of New Zealand (now called ‘Te Waipounamu’ and under home-rule by the Maori), where her family runs an ecological research preserve. The preserve studies the ecology of the various cloned and reintroduced bird species that had previously inhabited New Zealand before becoming extinct.

After the South Island was given over to Maori home-rule in the late 22nd century, their new government decided to clone and reintroduce all extinct bird species of the island, including the large moa which are now a popular livestock animal throughout the UEG. Her great, great grandparents were the ones who finally succeeded in cloning a genetically-viable population of the extinct species. Her family has run the research and restoration preserve ever since. Kahu grew up intending to carry on her family’s work, but the War, which broke out when she was a kid, changed all that.

The Maori warrior culture, which had been revived along with the rest of their cultural heritage centuries ago, dictated that every Maori of fighting age and health enlist and help combat the threat to the human species. So when she came of age, Kahu got a  warrior tattoo and was given a hand-carved taiaha with her peers, then enlisted in the Air Force.

Kahu has seen almost non-stop combat with the Covenant ever since she enlisted. Her first engagement occurred before she even finished her training on Vigil, when a Covenant fleet discovered and attacked the world. Ever since then every subsequent colony she was stationed on was discovered and attacked (and almost always glassed) shortly after her reassignment there. As a result, Kahu has already fought in 12 major engagements with the Covenant. This has turned her into a hardened veteran much faster than most, and she has become an expert pilot of every major UNSC aircraft. The constant combat has started to take a toll on her though…


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