Other Halo Fan Projects

Thanks to the passion of Halo’s fan base as well as the freedom of Microsoft’s Game Content Usage Rules, there have been a LOT of really awesome Halo fan projects that have sprung up over the years. Fan films, comics, costumes and even game mods – if there’s a medium for it someone’s put Halo into it. Many are still in development, some are already complete, some are sadly discontinued and others (like Aeolian Hope) continuously roll out new content.

In this section we’re going to highlight some of these wonderful fan projects. What they lack in massive budgets and resources they more than make up for in sheer passion and creative energy. We hope that you’ll continue to explore the Halo universe with some of its most die-hard fans.

NOTE: This section is currently under revamping/construction. Check back soon!

In Alphabetical Order

A Fistful of Arrows




Awesome Halo Music


Dawn Under Heaven


Frozen Sleep: Malukah’s Halo Tribute Song


Halo Swallower


Operation Trebuchet


Redshirt’s Airsoft Spartan Laser


 ShowTom’s Mega Bloks Comics

ShowTom OperationTakedown






Sins of the Prophets


The 405th


The Fallen: A Halo Fan Film

The Fallen poster










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