ShowTom’s Mega Bloks Comics

UPDATE 09/21/15: ShowTom’s been busy! He’s got his own website up and has completed seven chapters already!! Go check it out!

An active Halo multiplayer gamer and Mega Bloks collector going by the alias of Spartan ShowTom, this fellow has made a truly unique entry into the pantheon of Halo fan projects. Much like Aeolian Hope he has created a webcomic series (hosted on the picture albums of his Facebook page), that tells an original story set in the Halo universe. Unlike Aeolian Hope, the comic is created using photographs of the excellent Halo Mega Bloks vehicles and figures, including some of ShowTom’s own custom creations. The story takes place during the current post-war period of the Halo canon and revolves around the missions of the creator’s own character, Spartan ShowTom and his fireteam.

ShowTom is a prodigious creator; having already completed his first project, the 3-part Halo: Interception. His current project is Operation: Takedown, which already has a prologue and two parts completed.

I’ve been very impressed with the choreography of this comic. ShowTom is consistently able to produce compelling, exciting action sequences with these little figures. Here are just a couple preview images that were favorites of mine.

ShowTom OperationTakedown ShowTom Operation Takedown 02




So what are you waiting for? Go check it out!


Back to more Halo fan projects.


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