Welcome to “Aeolian Hope”!

                Hello and welcome to the official home for our fan-made Halo graphic novel, “Aeolian Hope”! We’re still unpacking and getting settled in to the space, but feel free to poke around. We’ve got some character art up already, and will be adding more very soon. Other sections, such as the Introduction to the Story and Creative Team profiles will be fleshed out soon as well. Please feel free to Contact Us with any questions you may have about Aeolian Hope. Answers (as long as they don’t contain spoilers) will be posted on our homepage here.
                So what is Aeolian Hope? Aeolian Hope is an upcoming fan-made graphic novel that takes place in the Halo franchise universe. This action-packed story is set smack in the middle of the genocidal Human-Covenant War. Because so many of the games and supporting lore focus on the Spartan super soldiers, it is easy to forget how truly desperate the conflict really was. Aeolian Hope will focus in on the lives and struggles of the regular soldiers that fought during this pivotal time. The art will be done by the infinitely talented Brian Welker, with a story and script penned by myself.
                The nature of Microsoft’s Game Content Usage Rules means that we have to say this work “… does not contribute to the official narrative of the fictional universe…”. That said, every effort is being made to ensure that this story could fit into the Halo universe. The author is researching every detail of the lore in order to blend Aeolian Hope as seamlessly as possible into the established Halo canon. We hope the result is something you can enjoy, and maybe even believe did take place somewhere in the Halo-verse.
Hope to see you again soon!
                – Aubrey


Brian Welker

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brian.welker.12

DeviantArt: http://shades-of-stl.deviantart.com/

Aeolian Hope Cover Art

Cover Art for Aeolian Hope

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