Progress Update: Fourth Character Art Set Complete!

Hey all,

We’ve all been working hard on the Aeolian Hope project, and have another update to share with you at last. We’ve already had visitors from all over the world checking out AH, and that level of early interest has just been the very best thing. Thank you so much to everyone keeping an eye on this as it develops. We hope you continue to check back in as more and more progress is made.

Now, to the updates!

Writing: When last we checked in the scripts for the first three issues had been completed and work on the 4th and 5th had begun. As of this posting, the scripts for Issues 1-5 have all been completed. Now I am working on the scripts for Issues 6-8, but I’m writing them a bit out of order. I have a lot of material for 7 & 8 done, but very little for 6. All three will probably be even further along by the next Progress Update.

Art: Here it is! After a lot of hard work, Brian completed the fourth character art set (and nailed it)! Introducing the primary crew of the CAS-Class assault carrier, Expedited Penance. This is the flagship of the Covenant force that discovers and attacks Novvy Nadezhda (the UNSC colony where Aeolian Hope takes place). Brian had to spread this set out among two pages. We’ll Photoshop them together soon, but for now enjoy your first look!

Only one character art set remains to be revealed! Stay tuned for the final reveal, where the full cast of characters in this saga will at last be assembled!

A little bit of trivia: This is the first time Brian has ever drawn brutes. I think he knocked it out of the park!

Brute Pack

From left to right: Naear, Glaebus, and Archilaus. Glaebus is Mastaebeus’ son and leads the assault carrier’s forces in the field.


Mastaebeus, jiralhanae war chieftain and commander of the Fervent Expiation. And yes, that is two gravity hammers you see. Mastaebeus is a ferocious combatant even at his advanced age, and dual wields hammers.


Production: Sal over at HalFanForLife just got done hosting his big annual LANstravaganza, and is working through a huge backlog of Halo blogging material (you should check it out if you haven’t already). He’s been providing some valuable input already on the ranks of some of our characters (I had to give a few promotions after listening to Sal’s advice), and will begin reviewing AH character bio material soon.

Well that’s all for this time. We hope you enjoyed it and look forward to seeing you back soon!

– Aubrey


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