Brian Gets His Own Gofundme!

Hey all,

Our fantastic artist, Brian Welker, is hard at work on the 5th and final character art set. In the meantime, we’ve just set up something special for him. First, just so you all know, we are giving Brian commissions for the art he does on AH. These commissions go to a fund to help him save up for a Cintiq Companion, his holy grail of art tools. In order to help speed that process along though, we’ve just set up a gofundme page for Brian and his Cintiq – check it out here.

A Cintiq would really go a long way towards helping Brian reach his full artistic potential, especially in today’s competitive market. Previously confined to pencil and paper, this would open up the important realm of digital art to Brian. If you like what Brian’s been doing so far and want to see even more, please consider donating. If you can’t donate (and even if you can), then please share the link to the page and help spread the word.

Well that’s all for today. Thanks for checking in and we’ll have more updates soon!

– Aubrey



Brian’s take on the Chief.


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