Progress Update: Fifth and Final Character Art Set Complete!

Hello everyone!

Well, it’s only been a week since our last progress update, but there’s already some exciting new developments! Read on to find out more!

Writing: So this update came out a lot sooner than I was expecting, thus I haven’t made as dramatic writing progress as the last time, but there is progress nonetheless. Issues 1-5 being complete, I have been working on 6-8. Issue 6 has only been outlined, but 7 & 8 are both about 80% done. I have had to take some time to flesh out a few character’s backstories some more, as well as rework a couple other small but important details. The good news is that most of that miscellaneous work is complete, and I can turn my attention back to the scripts themselves. Expect even more progress by the next update!

Art: Once again taking the Update’s spotlight is Brian’s fantastic work! After finishing the brutes, Brian jumped straight into the 5th and final character art set. He completed it in record time – in fact, this would have been ready and up yesterday if we didn’t have to spend a little extra time working out the tattoos for one of them. So without further ado, I give you the miscellaneous UNSC characters of Aeolian Hope!

Misc UNSC characters

Miscellaneous UNSC Personnel. From left to right: SRA Kahu Tekura, COL Serdar Kale, 1SG Alejandro Guerra, & CAPT Naledi Mbeki.

Colonel Kale commands the Army’s 342nd Air Defense Regiment, which is in charge of defending the orbital defense generator located near the summit of Mt. Krepost on Novvy Nadezhda. Captain Mbeki commands a UNSC carrier, the Homer. The Homer is the flagship of carrier group Troy, which is in charge of Novvy Nadezda’s orbital defense. They protect the orbital defense platform which is powered by the generator Colonel Kale oversees.

First Sergeant Guerra leads the front-line defenses at Mt. Krepost, through an extensive bunker and anti-aircraft network that covers the slopes of the mountain. The Army base protecting the orbital defense generator on Mt. Krepost, known as the Eagle’s Roost, has a handful of aircraft stationed there by the Air Force for support. Senior Airman Tekura pilots one of the falcons stationed at the Roost.

With the initial character art complete, the Aeolian Hope project has reached its first major milestone. Now that Brian has brought these characters to life, it is time to start digging into the graphic novel itself.

The first step is a piece of location art. Much of the story takes place at Mt. Krepost and the Eagle’s Roost, so Brian’s next project is to illustrate this critical landscape so that we know what it looks like and can contextualize where the action is happening . Once the shot of Mt. Krepost is done, we will begin the exciting work of story-boarding Issue #1!

As a quick reminder, we have set up a gofundme page for Brian in order to get a Cintiq Companion for him. This is an incredibly important tool for him to have as an artist, and would allow him to finally do digital artwork. Not only would it help him to achieve his professional goals, but it would even go a long way to improving the quality of art delivered for Aeolian Hope. Please share the link on Facebook and Twitter, and if you have a few dollars to spare, it would really help out a lot.

Production: The biggest production news out of this update is simply that production has now officially begun in earnest! The character art shots were essentially establishing material, and now we can dive into the meat and potatoes of the project. It’s exciting times and we can’t wait to share more with you as we move forward!

Now to leave you all with a question. We are eager to provide frequent and interesting developments while we are plugging away at this project. One idea I’ve had is to begin revealing a little information on the characters of Aeolian Hope – some spoiler-free info about their personalities and backstories. So, is this something you would be interested in? If so, I will set up polls that you can use to vote on which characters you want to learn about first. Let us know in the comments or through Facebook!

Until next time!

– Aubrey


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