Progress Update: Mt. Krepost

Hello once again, everyone!

Boy do we have a doozy for you today! So let’s not delay and just jump straight into it!

Writing: I am focusing on Issue 8 still. The more I write, the more I find out I still have to write. I’ve knocked out a bunch of the big dialogue pillars, but there are a couple nagging scenes that still have to be fleshed out. Sorry this one’s taking longer, but on the bright side, it will be a while before art catches up to Issue 8.  There’s more than plenty of script work done to get the series started and sustain it for quite a while, even if I stopped writing for several months. That said, I’m still plugging away and will continue to keep you posted.

Art: We basically wait to give these updates until Brian’s got something new and amazing to show off, so it’s no surprise that he keeps stealing the show. Today’s Update is no exception, so without further ado, feast your eyes upon Mt. Krepost, on the UNSC lunar colony, Novvy Nadezhda!

Mt. Krepost

We hope you like this one, because it’s where a LOT of Aeolian Hope’s story takes place. The story centers around the battle for control of this mountain.

Why is it so important, you ask? Well, the Army base at the top, known as the Eagle’s Roost, is protecting an orbital defense generator. Orbital defense generators, or ODGs, wirelessly power the large orbital defense platforms that the UNSC uses to guard their colonies. If you ever played Halo 2, Cairo Station was an ODP. Also, if you ever played Halo Reach, the giant MAC round that destroys the Covenant corvette at the end of the campaign level, “ONI: Sword Base” comes from an orbital defense platform.

The Covenant force that discovers Novvy Nadezhda is just a small battle group. They do not have the numbers to overwhelm a fully-functioning ODP, so instead they have to send ground forces against the generator in the hopes of knocking out power to the UNSC’s main defense. Thus, the battle for Mt. Krepost becomes the pivotal engagement on Novvy.

There are a lot of firsts for Brian in this picture. The two biggest ones are:

  • This is only the second big landscape shot he’s ever done – and by far the first one with such an enormous scale.
  • This is the first UNSC falcon (or any Halo vehicle) that he’s ever drawn.


Production: Another bit of exciting news? With Brian’s new picture today, you are looking at the very first piece of art that will be appearing as part of an actual Issue! This particular scene occurs early on in Issue #1. Thus, with this Update the Aeolian Hope team has officially begun work on the graphic novel’s main content! This is something of a milestone for us, and the excitement about the project is growing every day.

We began with this shot because it was important for us to establish right away what the main setting would look like, and what all the different elements at play would be. Now that it is complete, our next step is to begin storyboarding the first scene and then turning Brian loose on it.

As a final bit of news  – Aeolian Hope now has an Official Community page on Facebook! We are excited to have this up and running finally, so please swing by and have a look around. You can check it out here:

That’s all for this Update! Thanks for reading and we’ll be back soon with more delicious and nutritious updates!

– Aubrey


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