January 2015 Update

Happy New Year, everyone!

With the Holidays behind us and a fresh year ahead, the Aeolian Hope team is excited and energized. We are hard at work every week on the project and new content is being generated at a steady clip. So with that in mind, here is our January Update!

First – we said last month that we were almost done with the first scene and that we were hoping to get it out by the end of 2014. Obviously that hasn’t quite happened, but it truly is close. Brian has completed all of the pages of art for the first scene (including an extra bonus page that was originally going to lead off the second scene) and Sal has started working on the digital editing and lettering. As soon as it is done we will share it on here and our Facebook page.

In an effort to provide more regular updates (instead of just whenever there is something big to report), I will be posting a monthly  update that will come out somewhere around the middle of each month. This monthly update will serve as a general progress update for AH. Each monthly update will also include an art preview of the coming content (example: the picture at the bottom of this post). In addition, big or noteworthy news items will still be posted as they occur.

Finally, we have discussed our ‘distribution model’ so-to-speak and decided that it will be better for everyone (creators and readers alike) if we release Aeolian Hope in segments rather than waiting for entire issues to be completed. So now instead of the first scene being a teaser when we release it, it will just be the first installment. Releasing the story in these more digestible chunks will allow us to put content out more frequently and hopefully keep readers more engaged throughout the process. When enough scenes have come out to form an entire issue, they will then be compiled into that format.

Well that’s all for now. We’ll see you at the February update and also the first scene’s release!

– Aubrey

Preview of the Eagle's Roost.

Preview of the Eagle’s Roost.


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