March 2015 Update: And So It Begins…

Hello again, everyone and welcome to what is easily our greatest Update yet. I don’t want to beat around the bush, so let me just say…

Issue 1 has officially begun!

Nine pages of original Halo story content are now available in our Issues page – please give them a read and tell us what you think! This is only the first part of Issue 1 however – there’s plenty more to come and many more characters to meet (this part introduces us to Fireteam Zephyr).

Now, are you ready for the second-best news of this Update? Now that we have the worst kinks of our production process worked out, content will be generated much more consistently, with more frequent story updates possible. In the tradition of pretty much every other webcomic out there, Aeolian Hope will now be rolling out one page at a time as each one is created. This means piping hot, fresh new material here on a regular basis. Right now we are anticipating a production cycle of about two weeks per page, so you can look for roughly a bi-weekly content update.

Well that’s all for now. We are so excited and proud to finally be debuting Aeolian Hope. We hope you enjoy it and are looking forward to what’s to come as much as we are!

– Aubrey

MATURE CONTENT WARNING: While Aeolian Hope avoids hateful language, it does contain generic strong language. Additionally future action sequences, while not designed to focus on or celebrate graphic violence, will feature frequent uncensored acts of futuristic warfare and its fallout. Parental discretion is advised in the case of minors reading this story.


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