We’ve Launched a Patreon Page – Help us Create More Content!

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Hey, everyone! We work hard here to produce fresh, original  Halo content as often as possible. However, on our own we can only afford to put out 1 to 2 pages per month.

So we decided to create a Patreon page for Aeolian Hope. Patreon is a crowdfunding site that helps artists create more content via the direct patronage of their fans and supporters. Unlike Kickstarter, which is for one-off projects, Patreon is designed around ongoing projects. For Aeolian Hope, this would mean a monthly support pledge of as little as $1.00. 100% of the money we make via Patreon will be going directly to our artist, enabling him to spend more time drawing the story.

Patreon works via two types of incentives: Milestones & Patron Rewards. Milestones are overall fundraising targets, and once they are reached it unlocks a greater level of content creation. Ultimately, we could be putting out up to 2 new pages every week with your help! Patron rewards are the personal perks that each individual patron gets beyond just more free story content. These scale up with the amount of money being pledged, and we’ve committed to making higher levels of support fun & unique – allowing you to interact with the story in innovative ways.

We’re immensely grateful for everyone who reads and enjoys AH. If you want to see more, much more, of this great project, then please consider supporting us.

Thank you so much,




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