Other Great Webcomics

Are you coming here as a Halo fan and new to the wonderful world of webcomics? Webcomics are an incredible corner of the internet that update with new pages on a regular basis, and feature some really amazing talent creating fresh, interesting, original content. Below is my personal list of recommended webcomics – I hope you’ll check them out if you haven’t already. Note: Sorry for the disparity in banner sizes – I’m trying to get them all at the same size, but haven’t finished tuning that yet.

In Alphabetical Order

Daughter of the Lilies



A vibrant, exciting fantasy adventure with a mysterious & sympathetic protagonist. The core group has an electric, dynamic chemistry so good that the awesome monsters and adventures end up being just the icing on top of the cake!

Full Circle



An original high fantasy world focused on an island of winged people. Everything about this comic is refreshing – every page makes you want to jump in through the panels &  explore the rich, imaginative setting!


Kamkiaze Banner

The webcomic prelude to an upcoming original animated series. A mature, thrilling sci-fi adventure set in an eerily beautiful dystopian future. ‘Kamikaze’ is used for the original meaning of the word, ‘divine wind’, not suicide fighter pilots.

The Lost Oracle


An original fantasy story set in a world where the hubris of men brought the wrath of the gods down upon them. In the aftermath a young girl is tutored in secrecy while powerful factions search for her. I love ensemble casts and this one is delivering a truly great one – lots of balls in the air here and it’s great fun keeping up with them all!

Mare Internum




An extraordinary sci-fi drama/mystery set in the near future during the early stages of humanity’s settlement and exploration of Mars. Oddly inspiring despite the character woes. Also, ridiculously well-researched! The attention to detail is staggering. A must-read!

Murder & Midnight




A grounded fantasy story told with a gorgeous, painting-like style. Realistic yet infused with just the right amount of magic & mystery. I’m really excited to see where this one goes.

Perpetual Flux




A breakneck alternate history with vampires, supernatural creatures, and the steampunk-y organization that hunts them. The premise hooks you & the warm, relateable characters keep you coming back.

Suihira: The City of Water




A young girl’s lonely quest to restore faith in a long lost dormant water god. A truly gorgeous comic and one of few to explore the subject of faith and religion without pre-judgement. Unique and essential reading.

The Toad’s Spirit


An unsung gem of the webcomic pantheon, I guarantee you’ve never seen it’s like before. One of the (sadly) few fantasy stories told in a mesoamerican setting, this culturally rich comic will intrigue and leave you wanting more! Available in both Spanish and English.

Wilde Life



When it comes to webcomics, I doubt many can rival the sheer, raw bona fides of Pascalle Lepas, creator of Wilde Life. After completing a sci-fi webcomic that ran for 10 years without missing an update she began Wilde Life, a superb tale of supernatural adventure set in rural Oklahoma. Wilde Life updates frequently, so be ready with that refresh button! (You may also know Pascalle as the creator of the Princess King!)

The Wormworld Saga



There is simply not enough praise I can heap upon The Wormworld Saga. Imagine all the magic and innocence of The Chronicles of Narnia multiplied to levels humankind had never achieved before, then infused into an Indian cultural setting that literally takes your breath away with every. single. page. This comic’s unparalleled, sweeping, awe-inspiring landscape shots force you to sit and just stare in slack-jawed appreciation. The loving attention to detail is nothing short of a celebration, and it will make you believe in magic again.